Future Records Artefacts Workshop

Summer School 2021,

Muthesius University of

Fine Arts Kiel, Germany


I got invited to this year‘s summer school of the class „Typography and Book Design„ at Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design to create a lab space inside the one week workshop - for the students to research and explore. Under the theme of „Future Records“, the students were asked to develop concepts, concerning the contradiction of documenting what has not been yet (Future - Record).

In a one-day lab space conducted by me, the students explored the possibilities of experimental wax casting to create artefacts. Together we took in the roles as material researchers, constructers, urban explorers and documenters, to transform the wax into an archive of artefacts. I prepared context information and materials and supervised the students through the process. The artefacts were documented in a publication afterwards.


Workshop and Publication by Jian Haake