Restoring the unseen/

with Antonia Fedder & Filip Rukan/

DSKD 2019

‘Restoring the Unseen’ is design project exploring the value of everyday objects and disposed of materials. In todays society goods can be thrown away even if they still function. Once they have been replaced, they fall into oblivion. As a result of our research on global waste, we asked ourselves why we should add a new product into this cycle instead of restoring the value of existing objects. Therefore, we decided only to use already disposed of materials from landfill and to use almost exclusively analogue tools like files and cutters. They are easy to access and easy to obtain. After conducting surveys on product usage we decided on the creation of everyday eating and drinking tools. We almost exclusively used analogue tools like files and cutters to build, as they are easy to access and, in exceptional cases like the one in our story, are easy to obtain. The final outcome is a series of 15 functional objects, framed in a fictional future and presented on a virtual platform.