Society of Gifting

Master Thesis, 2021

Design School Kolding, Denmark


Together with my grandmother I explored the aspects and values of rural crafts and traditions. In a collection of designed kitchen tools we discuss the importance of intuition and awarness that are needed in food craft but seem to be forgotten. The project raises up the question on how design can be a transmitter between forgotten knoweldge and future issues.

Throughout the process, the design turns into the transmitter between valuable craft and traditions and future contexts those values and skills are needed in. 

Together, we turned her pantry into

a laboratory, exploring food leftovers

and designing a collection of tools that translate her knowledge into means of engagement. The artefacts around her are turning into a material library of textures, craft and knowledge. 

Society of Gifting got exhibited at Re-Art meets Kulturerbe (Ihlienwohlt, Germany), Formland (Herning, Denmark), 3 Days of Design (Copenhagen, Denmark) and at Designskolen Koldings Afgangsudstilling 2021 (Kolding, Denmark)