What is a basket?

Research and lecture 2020


Baskets are one of the oldest companions of us humans. They carry and protect our belongings. They exist in almost every culture. While baskets can be made from almost every material, the weaving technology is based on just a few weaving techniques.


During the last year, I started exploring basketry and weaving from different angels, always with the question in mind: „What is a basket?“. The series started with a simple observation: Nets and Baskets are similar in production technique, shape and material diversity. But, on a spectrum, when turns the net into a basket and vice versa? I discussed my thoughts in a lecture on the correlation between analogue craft and cultural techniques (originally linked to media theory and describes skills that enable the preservation or spread of culture like writing and reading) with the students of Memeclass at the Muthesius University of Fine Arts in May 2020.


What is a basket?  is an ongoing research project where I explore different types of basketry and weaving through materials and technology.